Green thinking: Designing to survive
04 June 2014 Wednesday 19:00‐ 21:00
Adult Workshop
(wine & nibbles provided)
Slide show and talk about sustainable architecture and climate change
Workshop: Addressing climate change through architecture and creating your own futuristic eco‐vision. (Group Study: design charrette ,sketching)
examine original drawings and models by some of the greatest architects the world has ever seen.
SW17: Yesterday & tomorrow
07 June 2014 Saturday 10:00 – 12:00
Family workshop: (taster) ( 1 or 2 hours )
Slide show and talk about change in the built environment and how our surroundings have been transformed over the time.
Workshop: Looking at the today’s architecture and re‐imagining buildings around us.
(Design charrette , sketching, model making)
Shaping the buildings
14 June 2014 Saturday 10:00 – 12:00
Family workshop ( 1 or 2 hours )
OPTION 1: On- site drawing sessions. or
OPTION 2: Sketching and model making
Sketching or model making after studying original drawings, models and photographs of
famous buildings.
Model making of imaginary buildings, cities (cardboard, foam blocks and lego)

Scarecrow  Workshops

19th May 2015

21st May 2015

19/5 Scarecrow Workshop 3.30 


21/5 Scarecrow Workshop 3.30